Apple executive talks about renewable energy and environmental goals

It's no secret that Apple strives to be as environmentally friendly as they can, and that includes renewable energy. At this time, about 75% of Apple's corporate headquarters are sustained on renewable energy sources. The Maiden, NC data center and their facilities in Cork, Ireland are some of the largest privately held installations for renewable energy in the world. Jim Dalrymple, from Loop Insight had a chance to speak with Apple executive Scott Brodrick on Apple's latest environmental impact report, which they issue every year, and where Apple is going when it comes to renewable energy and environmental goals.

Apple isn’t just looking at ways to save energy in its existing facilities, they are looking at starting off future facilities by taking advantage of renewable energy from the beginning.

“We are going to continue this strategy in other facilities in Oregon and Nevada,” said Broderick. “Overall, 75% of the power to Apple’s corporate facilities worldwide are met with renewable energy.”

Apple's current energy strategy that they already have in place is the equivalent of taking 24,000 cars off the road, according to Brodrick. The entire article is an interesting read and a great insight into where Apple is going with renewable energy. Hit the link below to read it in its entirety.

Source: Loop Insight