Apple Privacy Policy

To help alleviate concerns, Apple has updated the company's Privacy Policy on the official website with more details on how it handles your data. Apple wants you to believe it takes privacy concerns seriously, as do the other major tech companies. More information has come to light that is used against said parties to keep them in check when it comes to collecting (and storing) data from customers who use their products and services.

As spotted by TechCrunch, Apple has added more information to the section of its site, which now covers both iOS 9 and OS X. There are also additional sections located on various web pages for the different services and features Apple offers to consumers. Better still, everything is presented more user-friendly format.

Various apps are also touched upon, including the News app, Health and Fitness, as well as Spotlight Suggestions. Then you have the whole Apple Maps utilizing generic device identifiers as opposed to your Apple ID. It's quite the read. Should you be concerned with exactly what's being absorbed from your hardware, you'll definitely want to check out some of the information now available on the site.

We previously took a good look at Apple's stance on privacy and security, but how do you feel when using your new iPhone 6s? Are you happy with how Apple communicates exactly what the company requires from you to effectively use services and features, not to mention how your data is stored in the cloud?

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