Apple can do more with Facebook, wouldn't have bought Instagram

When asked, as part of his D10 Conference interview, about the status of Apple's relationship with Facebook, Apple CEO Tim Cook said they could definitely do more.

Cook praised Facebook -- which just completed it's IPO -- as a great company, and one with which they enjoyed a good relationship, but also advised interviewer Walt Mossberg and the audience to "stay tuned" for more.

Because Facebook's user base is so big, Apple wants to make sure that those users are having the best Facebook experience possible on Apple products. This, of course, comes after Facebook integration was rumored to have been pulled from iOS 4 before it was released, and was very publicly yanked from Apple's Ping social music network after Facebook turned off API access.

When asked about Steve Jobs' comment that Facebook's terms for collaboration were "onerous", Cook countered that Facebook simply has their own way of doing things, and that many people say the same about Apple. While that's true, the nature of complaints about Facebook are different in kind than those about Apple -- mostly centered around privacy and ownership of personal informat

Whether or not that means the Apple/Facebook relationship has gotten better, especially considering rumors of Facebook hiring former Apple engineers to build a Facebook Phone, is hard to tell. Maybe we'll see some signs of it at WWDC 2012 next week when iOS 6 is expected to debut. If Facebook integration is part of the future of iOS devices, then obviously things have improved.

Cook also added that Apple wouldn't have bought Instagram the way Facebook did. As part of an ongoing discussion about Apple increasing their already legendary secrecy, Cook said he wouldn't even advise the world Apple bought a company if he didn't have to. Cook did say, however, that while Apple preferred smaller talent and IP based purchases, and ones that matched up with Apple product plans, he wouldn't rule anything out. Even an Instagram style purchase if one ever made sense.