Apple features apps with VoiceOver for Blindness Awareness Month

October is Blindness Awareness Month, and for the occasion, Apple is highlighting a collection of apps on the App Store that use VoiceOver. From the description of the collection:

For more than 20 years, Apple has provided innovative solutions for people with disabilities. Built into iOS, VoiceOver is the world's first gesture-based screen reader, allowing people who are blind or have low vision to enjoy the touchscreen simplicity of iPhone and iPad. Using VoiceOver, you can interact with objects on the screen and intuitively gauge their location and context from audio cues. These popular apps deliver a great VoiceOver experience for all users.

The collection features a total of 33 apps from a wide variety of publishers. Some new apps to grace the collection include Facebook, Twitter, Chit Chat, Curious, and Coursera. Also featured is Workflow, which won an Apple Design Award this year for its fantastic use of VoiceOver.

Apple's support of VoiceOver in iOS, and the third-party apps that support it, has gone a long way towards helping those with visual impairments take part in the digital age, and this collection helps to highlight those efforts. If you'd like to learn more about retinal diseases and Blindness Awareness Month, you can visit to learn more about raising awareness and the research that is going on around the medical community.

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