Apple files to ban Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in U.S.

Late last week Apple filed a preliminary injunction against Samsung's flagship tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The move comes shortly after an appeal which partially confirmed that Apple's design patent infringement complaint was valid. This might put just a slight damper on the settlement talks Apple and Samsung had scheduled for today. Apple proposed to give Samsung until May 25 (this Friday) to respond.

Such a ban might sting Samsung a bit, but they've dealt with a similar ban in Germany by offering a slight a redesign of the Galaxy Tab 10.1; even if such a ban comes quickly to the U.S., Samsung already has a contingency in place to put their Android tablet back on store shelves. We've seen a lot of this kind of activity on the smartphone side of things lately;  HTC was recently hit with a similar ban from Apple, and Apple might not even have to do anything to get Motorola phones off the U.S. market, since some of them are facing a ban after an ITC ruling in a patent case against Microsoft.

Although the iPad still dominates the tablet market, it's been gradually losing market share as a multitude of Android tablets have begun coming out of the woodwork. By attacking on legal fronts, Apple is at least delaying the competition's progress, if not securing its lead for the long-term. I'm not worried that Android's going to beat out Apple overnight, especially given the sky-high customer satisfaction of iOS devices, but it's hard to imagine how the current iPad will manage to stick out to consumers when surrounded by so many lower end, cheaper alternatives. (

What do you think - does Apple need to resort to these kinds of tactics to keep the iPad in the lead, or is this just one of the many steps needed to take to kill and bury Android?

Souce: FOSS Patents