Various celebrities have been showing off their gold Apple Watch Editions for a few days now, but Lagerfeld's gold link bracelet is the first we've seen of that particular band. Apple didn't show it off at either the September or March events, and the company hasn't shown it off online or made it available for ordering either. While it might not be unique, it's definitely not available. At least not yet.

An image of the band first appeared on Instagram from Sebastian Jondeau, Lagerfeld's assistant.

Karl Lagerfeld's Apple Watch Edition

According to Jon Gruber over at Daring Fireball, Lagerfeld hasn't even set his Watch up yet:

Lagerfeld hasn't even set this one up yet — the screen that's shown here is the setup screen for pairing with your iPhone. You point your iPhone's camera at your watch on this screen and it figures out which way it's oriented, and boom, they're paired.

We have no idea yet if this gold link bracelet will go on sale at some point, though it seems likely.