This shouldn't work but totally does.

With increasing competition in the intelligent assistant space from the likes of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and now Samsung, Apple has to not only relentlessly improve Siri but find new ways to get people to engage — or re-engage — with the service.

This is far from the first time Apple's gone to celebrities to help with that particular problem, but for my money this is also the most elaborate, most fun, and most movie-like spot we've seen to date. It's also remarkably conservative, at least where it comes to Siri use.

There's no HomeKit, no sequential inference, and while there is SiriKit ride hailing, there's none of the other new integrations shown off.

That's probably because Apple knows it still has to solve fundamental problems like Siri saying it can't do something you know it can do, and then doing it the very next time you ask (which is why I continue to believe the company needs to pull an "App Store" and get a front-facing VP of Siri Experience up and running asap).

Inarguably, that's all first and foremost. Because once people see Apple's lead in multi-region, multi-language, and growing integration through SiriKit, videos like this one will get them in. Then the service needs to keep them.