Samsung Apple

Apple has been awarded an injunction against Samsung by a U.S. court. Unfortunately for the company, this ruling will have no affect on Samsung's more recent products and will only cover old and obsolete hardware, thus rendering it all rather useless. The court found that Samsung had indeed infringed on three of Apple's patents - '172 for autocorrect, '647 quick links, and '721 slide-to-unlock.

As well as only hitting select Samsung products, there are also doubts surrounding the patents themselves. '721 side-to-unlock has been deemed invalid by judges in Europe, while another is set to expire in February. Florian Mueller from FOSS Patents noted just how little this ruling matters to either party:

" It's not that the issues aren't important; they definitely are. But in the practical context of the Apple-Samsung patent dispute, this injunction doesn't matter. Samsung or anyone else could still try to take such questions to the Supreme Court in some future case in which there are would be actual business implications."

So while the injunction will not have any real impact against Samsung (affecting products like the Galaxy Note, Note 2, Galaxy S2 and S3 products), it's a tally for Apple's chart of wins against the competitive rival. This ruling is after Samsung agreed to pay Apple $548 million.

Source: Foss Patents