Back in April, Apple announced that it would start offering "Today at Apple" classes at every one of its 495 stores, worldwide, according to MacRumors. Starting today, you can sign up for sessions on Apple's site, which cover everything from coding to how to draw to music to photography and more.

Classes will be taught by trained experts that Apple has dubbed "Creative Pros", but some sessions will be run by well-known artists, photographers, and musicians.

"Today at Apple classes focus on everything from basic iPhone, iPad, and Mac skills to more advanced topics like mixing music on a Mac, editing photos on an iPhone, and drawing on an iPad." (Juli Clover, MacRumors)

The "Today at Apple" program started at Apple's Union Square location in New York and has been available there since that store opened. Classes are designed for all manner of experience levels, from beginners to more experienced users, and there's something for every age group, from children to the elderly.

If you want to sign up, you just have to choose your location on the site, and you'll see a list of what's available. Every day there are 4,000 sessions around the world, so you should be able to find something for you.

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