Burns began chronicling her journey with the Apple Watch through a series of blog posts several weeks ago. In the end, she beat her previous record by 17 minutes. In her final blog entry, Burns comments on the Apple Watch's ability to turn small goals into a larger outcome:

I'm really proud that I ran the marathon in under 4 hours. Not only did I make my goal time, I did so much better than I thought I would! And now that the event is over, I'll be setting new goals for myself. Because in my experience, it doesn't matter if you're a runner or if you just want to fit more activity into your life. Improving your health and fitness is about setting small goals, then working patiently to meet them. Apple Watch is the perfect tool for that.

As Burns notes, she was also running to raise awareness around her nonprofit, Every Child Counts, which seeks to make pregnancy and childbirth safer for women around the world. If you'd like to read up further on Burns' training with the Apple Watch, you can do so from her blog at the source link below.

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