As we kick off this December, Apple has pushed out a couple of new ads that show off the "ridiculously powerful" iPhone 6s, along with the smartphone's voice-activated Hey Siri feature.

Kicking things off is the ad above, which highlights the power of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus through all of the things you can do with it. From faster maps, messaging and browsing to games, run tracking and student films, Apple covers quite a bit of ground here. The ad finishes up by saying "other than being the most powerful iPhone ever, not much has changed."

The second ad, embedded below, shifts the focus to the voice-activated Hey Siri feature. Various people are shown asking Siri different questions before she serves up the answers right on cue. We've seen quite a bit of this in previous ads, so Apple is definitely pushing Siri's voice-activated prowess on the new iPhones.

Be sure to check out each ad, and let us know what your favorite new feature is in the comments below!