Apple Home Automation

We're really looking forward to seeing what Apple has to announce next week at their annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2014). We'll expected to see and learn about iOS 8, OS X 10.10 'Syrah', a new MacBook Air and more. We're also expecting Apple to announce their initiative in the home. A new report suggests that the move isn't as ambitious as expected.

An Apple source at Gigaom suggests that we'll see a roll out of certified devices under the Made for iPhone label. This program will ensure that devices can connect easily over Wi-Fi and controlled with your iPhone or iPad.

The program will enable customers to look for the 'Made for iPhone' label to ensure the home automation device they're buying will work within their home ecosystem. In order for a device to be certified, it must meet a few requirements. It should connected to Apple devices over Wi-Fi without needing registration or passwords.

That means next week, we'll probably see a host of partners, devices and chips that support are certified to work with iPhones and iPads. This backs up earlier reports that suggested Apple was prepping a home automation system for a possible WWDC 2014 launch.

Anyone looking forward to more home automation devices that you can control from your iPhone or iPad? Sound off below, but don't forget to check out our recent editorial about the challenges of iOS in the home.

Source: Gigaom