Apple has applied for another patent this week which is entitled “Display that emits circularly-polarized light”. What this means to us is that we may see improved viewing experiences on our iPhones and iPads if this technology makes it to future devices.

If you have tried viewing your iPhone outside in sunlight, it is a good experience however the iPad is not good at all. Put a pair of sunglasses on and the whole experience becomes nearly unusable. With this patent application, Apple is proposing a liquid-crystal display that reduces perceived distortion when viewed through linear polarizing filters; or in other words, sunglasses!

The layer receives the linearly-polarized light on one surface, converts the linearly-polarized light to circularly-polarized light, and then emits the circularly-polarized light from another surface," the application reads. "By emitting circularly-polarized light, the display reduces the perceived distortion found at some angles when the display is viewed through a linearly-polarizing filter. The invention would allow for superior outdoor viewing of displays, like iPhone or iPad screens, by reducing perceived distortion created when a user wears sunglasses.

There is no doubt that this is a well needed addition to any device with a screen that needs to be read outdoors. If the iPad is to be taken seriously as an eReader as well as all of its other features, it has to improve its outdoor viewing experience. Patents like this show Apple are working to do just that!

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