Steve Jobs put sneaker to WWDC stage again today to introduce iCloud, their new cloud services offering that aims to replace a lot of the local, cabled computing of our past with new, wireless computing for the future.

And best of all, it's going to be FREE. Everyone gets 5GB, and books, Photostream, and apps don't count. It works with 4.3 (as a beta) today, and iOS 5 in the future.

Content storage Keeps all your stuff, syncs it to all your devices

MobileMe Written from the ground up to support iCloud

Calendar sharing: No more workarounds needed. You can share your events.

No ads Clearly a shot at Google

iBooks also sync, pretty much like they did before

Backups: Over wi-fi only. Music, iBooks, photos and videos, device settings, and app data (yes!)

Document sharing: iWork suite, Pages, Keynote, Numbers can sync docs between devices. Promises complete storage story.

PhotoStream: Photos go up from your devices to iCloud, and down to your devices from iCloud. Stores last 1000 photos, stores for 30 days.

iTunes in the Cloud: re-download your music, just like you've been re-downloading apps. Automatic downloads as well. Up to 10 devices, so no "all devices" 256kb AAC

iTunes Match service: You can sync stuff you already own to iCloud, you can re-buy a few songs you love, or you can use iTunes Match service. It'll scan your collection, if it finds it in the iTunes catalog, it makes it available to you in 256kb AAC. Costs $25 a year.

Developer beta available today.