Apple has introduced a new member of the iPod touch family, which seems to be replacing the 4th generation models that remained on sale following the launch of the 5th generation Touch. This new one comes with the same 4-inch Retina Display as the 5th generation iPod touch, but removes the rear camera, and is available to purchase now online for $229.

Besides the lack of a rear camera, this new Touch is pretty much on par with the already available 5th generation. We still get a FaceTime HD camera on the front, an A5 chip inside, and that same slim design -- albeit not available in the same wild colors. The new Touch comes with a silver back, no more chrome, of a similar finish it appears to the back of the white iPad Mini.

Only available in a 16GB configuration, at $229 this latest model is $70 less than the rest of the 5th generation iPod touch range. That's a good chunk of change. It's available to order online now, with an in-store pickup date of May 31 available in the U.S. Are you going to be picking one of these up? Is the lack of a rear camera something that would deter you? Let us know!

Source: Apple