Apple introduces volume purchasing for business

Apple has sent out a notice to developers that they're introducing volume purchasing for business. This is something I asked about recently, after Apple mentioned that Final Cut Pro X would be available in volume, and it's good to see Apple's not keeping it for themselves. In fact, it looks like they're going even further.

Get ready today. Business customers will soon be able to buy your apps in volume. Click through the latest Paid Applications Agreement so that your apps will be offered for sale when the Volume Purchase Program is available to businesses.

Custom B2B Apps

Through the Volume Purchase Program, you'll be able to sell custom B2B apps to your business customers. Custom B2B apps provide tailored solutions to address specific business needs. Get a head start on developing custom B2B apps today.

While we don't know how this will work yet, based on previous information Apple will likely do something along the lines of providing a set of redemption codes for any purchase of 20 copies or more of a given app. It's also possible that discounts might be on the table (though whether those will be discounts based on volume, or just educational discounts, I don't know.)

Customization options apparently include branding, configuration, and security, but also require a minimum price tag of around $10.

Once again, it's great to see Apple experimenting with new and better App Store models.