Numerous press reports are claiming that iPhones and iPods are "exploding" -- well, three isolated devices, at least so far. Apple is said to be investigating these reports and have no answers as of now.


blockquote>"These are isolated incidents and... there is not a general problem, For the cases which have been reported in the media, Apple [is] trying to get more information on the details of the incidents and will do tests as necessary to investigate the possible cause."

It was last August that we reported on the iPod fires that were taking place. Three recent claims in the past few months have sparked this new investigation:

Thankfully no one was injured in any of the above incidents. With the millions of iPods and iPhones sold to date and only a very few being proven "faulty" this is nothing you should be too concerned about. In fact US Consumer Product Safety Commission claims that a total of 15 Apple devices since 2001 have been recorded as faulty, while none included any serious injury.

[Via Ars Technica]