Our good friend CrackBerry Kevin got to go hands-on and do a full BlackBerry Playbook review today -- including a one-on-one with Apple's iPad -- and I got dragged along as camera guy.

The PlayBook looked very good. Much more responsive and fluid than the Galaxy Tabs I've tried (that will likely change come Honeycomb on the Droid Pad) and while it wasn't finished hardware or software yet, it certainly looks like it's living up to RIM's ambitions. Developer support/platform momentum, future form factors (RIM has one of every phone type, could there be bigger tablets, keyboard sliders, who knows?), how it will play beyond the BlackBerry base, and what the tablet market will look like when iPad 2 hits are all questions that remain to be answered. But for today, kudos to RIM for a slick, smooth UI and really nice looking hardware.

Kevin's iPad vs. Playbook video after the break. Check out CrackBerry.com for the full Blackberry PlayBook review including RIM's walkthrough video, Kevin's impressions, and a ton more photos. Then race back here and tell us what you think, is the BlackBerry PlayBook going to make a dent in Apple's iPad 2 plans?