Just making it official folks: Join me along with our editor-in-chief, Dieter Bohn, and as many of our writers, fellow editors, and friends who can make it, for live meta-blog coverage of this Tuesday's Apple iPhone 3.0 Preview event.

We'll kick things off just before 1pm EDT/10am PDT with color, commentary, and you comments. We likely won't get the actual firmware for download until later this summer, but we'll get a chance to see what we'll be getting.

Those who remember this time last year, at the iPhone 2.0 preview event, Apple focused first on ActiveSync, 802.1x, Cisco VPN, remote wipe for Enterprise, then shifted into the SDK and games like Super Monkey Ball, and social networking apps like AIM with the first hints of what became the App Store.

What will Apple have for Enterprise this year? Is it still a focus? How about the SDK? What will be new for developers? And App Store, will it go Premium? And what else will we get?

Join us in just over 48hrs to find out!