Our good friend, Dieter, over at PreCentral.net has just got his hands on a leaked internal AT&T document that puts our beloved iPhone 3G into the ring up against the yet to be released Palm Pre. We are beginning to wonder what will happen first, Palm going out of business or the Pre actually being released... (Yes, we kid because we love...)

While some of the things that made the list are cold hard facts that every Palm fan will have to swallow, AT&T seems to be reaching on a few as well. Here are a some of the better ones:

  • The iPhone has a "thinner, lighter, bigger screen; metal and glass design" compared to the Pre's "plastic casing".
  • The iPhones App Store has over "25,000 Apps" while the Pre has an "Unproven App Catalog app store".
  • The iPhone sports "Global GPS; aGPS for maximum speed, accuracy and reliability even in built-up areas" while the lonely Pre "Can't receive map updates or location assist information in most of the world due to lack of GSM capability".

What also caught our eye was:

  • The Palm Pre "Touchscreen control gestures not intuitive" whereas the iPhone features "Patented Multi-Touch screen" and "Fast and responsive navigation."

If the Palm Pre cloned some of the iPhone's UI interactions, didn't AT&T just dash our chances for some lawsuit action?

What do you think? AT&T simply stating the facts or could they possibly view the Palm Pre as a legitimate threat? Now head on over to Precentral.net to check out the full leaked AT&T memo!