Rounding up the news and views on Apple's iPhone 4 press conference

Apple iPhone 4 press conference

Well, Apple's special iPhone 4 press conference is over and it's all said and done, the facts and figures, the apologies and deflections, the updates and announcements, and quite a bit of downright confusion. TiPb's iPhone 4 review covered a lot of that -- a wondrous handset with a few killer flaws. Taken as a whole, many users will be extremely happy. Others... not so much. It really is the ecstasy with one crucial spot of antenna band agony.

If you missed any of the press conference coverage or you -- like us -- just want a chance to digest and mull it over, to see if it holds up or falls apart, here's your chance:

So now the only question that remains is whether Apple's managed to turn the the bad publicity around, if they've done enough to end "antennagate" and get iPhone 4 back on track...