Apple Music

Apple's Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue sat down with London newspaper Evening Standard to talk about Apple's efforts with music services, the iPhone 6s, as well as tackling international roaming charges.

During the interview, Cue explained how the company is in it for the long haul when it comes to Apple Music and isn't concerned about how many will initially remain subscribed once their free trials end.

"Ultimately, you never know until it happens. But we're pleased with the number of people who have tried. Everybody gets fixated on the short term but we're in this for the long haul."

The company is also pushing its own radio station, Beats 1, as well as a music festival in London, so Apple is clearly working on the foundations laid to provide entertainment in a number of formats. While in London, Cue also touched on international roaming charges, which Apple is looking to address.

"[I'm] trying not to get roaming charges. It's sad, it's another problem. We're trying to fix it and we're making a little bit of progress but you've got to convince a lot of people."

What's interesting is this fits into previous reports of Apple working on plans to launch its own virtual network in the US and Europe.

Source: Evening Standard