Apple iBooks Store Jobs Wanted

Lots of movement on the Apple jobs (as in employment, not Steve) front lately, so here's a look at the recent loss of a music exec to Thumbplay, the gain of a security chief from Mozilla (and before that Microsoft), and they're hiring a Mobile Advertising team and an iBooks Store lead for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Thumbplay, a company formerly noteworthy (or not) for ringtones is getting into mobile music says MediaMemo, hiring Pablo Calamera. MacRumors tells us Calamera was most recently Director of Apple's Engineering division, overseeing MobileMe. (Yeah, the troubled-launch jokes write themselves, right?)

Apple gains a security chief from Mozilla in Window Snyder according to PCWorld. Prior to that she started the Blue Hat program at Microsoft which helped them engage with security researchers. Please let that be her roll at Apple. Anything that creates faster security responses, actually.

Mobile Advertising, meanwhile, is being staffed up beyond even the Quatro Wireless purchase says Silicon Alley Insider. An iPhone advertising SDK manager is being sought and a team is being built.

Also being sought after is a manager for the iBooks Store says MacRumors, specifically one for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Does that mean those countries will be getting iBooks as well at some point? We certainly hope so!

Any other insightful Apple job postings out there? Let us know!