Apple kicking off OS X Yosemite public beta tomorrow

Apple promised a public beta for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, and a public beta you shall get. Starting Thursday, Apple will be sending out invitations to test out the next version of OS X. The invites will be going out to the first million people that are signed up through the Appleseed public beta program.

Apple says that the beta should be available for download starting at 1PM Eastern time. If you haven't signed up yet, you still can. There's no guarantee those million spots haven't already been filled, but that also doesn't mean that Apple might not open testing up to a broader audience for subsequent betas as the identify and squash bugs.

Yosemite has so far iterated through four developer previews, with the most recent fourth OS X 10.10 developer preview being released just two days ago.

OS X Yosemite marks the most significant redesign of the Mac OS in years. Previewed at WWDC 2014, Yosemite borrows heavily from iOS 7's flattened-but-still-layered visual style, and features much greater integration with iOS 8.

Those interested in signing up for the public beta can do so at the source link below. While we wait, what feature of Yosemite are you most excited to try out?

Source: Apple

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