Apple made a few new initiatives yesterday on the sly amid the WWDC day one insanity, including a new iPad case, but they also started a back-to-school promotion that goes from now until September 21.  If you buy a Mac, Apple will toss you a $100 iTunes gift card good for books (which are now heavily geared towards academia), apps (though there are lots of great free ones for those in school), and movies. If you pick up a new iPad, Apple will be willing to throw a $50 gift card your way, too. $150 in apps if your parents get you both isn't a bad deal at all, especially if most of your textbooks are available on iTunes. If you qualify for Apple's educational discount, you'll be able to save a little bit more on the Mac, but the discount only applies to the newest of iPads. There are also financing options available for those that are really on a shoestring budget.

Apple has been doing these kinds of back-to-school promotions for awhile, and with the relatively recent upgrade to iTunes U, it's hard to think of any other gadget manufacturer make as concerted of an effort on the educational market. There's something to be said about hooking 'em while they're young; no doubt students that pour blood, sweat and tears into essays typed up on a Mac will have a heavy predisposition to using one for the rest of their lives. One could even

For more details on the promotion, hit up Apple's Back to School page. Anyone going back to school that needs to stock up on devices? I bet that new MacBook Pro is looking awfully tempting, but even with this promotion and special educational pricing, are Apple computers within a student's budget? School's expensive, yo.

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