Apple kicks #ShotOniPhone6 into high gear... on video!

It's no secret the iPhone is one of the most popular camera in the world, and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the best cameras Apple has ever made. That includes videographers who have done everything from shows to commercials to documentaries and more.

What artists all over the world have been doing with those cameras, however, hasn't always gotten the attention it deserves. Enter #ShotOniPhone6. It kicked off back in March, but now it's kicking into high gear.

This new #shotoniphone6 series features seven TV and online ads featuring seven videos from seven videographers from around the world.

The videographers include:

  • Cocu Liu, an Interaction Designer from Beijing, now based in Chicago, who captured video using Hyperlapse on his iPhone 6.
  • Cielo de la Paz, a San Francisco Bay Area-based UX designer who used an Olloclip macro lens and the built-in Camera app on her iPhone 6.
  • Erica Allison, a Portland-based Project Manager, who used iMovie for iOS on her iPhone 6.
  • Araby P., who captured the waves of Hermosa Beach using an iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Jin C, who captured fishermen in Myanmar using an iPhone 6.
  • Antoine D., who used an iPhone 6 and slow-motion video to capture a sparrow in France.
  • Amar R., who used an iPhone 6 Plus and the Camera app to capture children playing cricket in India.

You can find all the videos below, as well as at More importantly, you can find in them the inspiration to go out and create your own videos, #ShotOniPhone6.