iPhone 5c

After first hearing about it yesterday, Apple's 8GB iPhone 5c has today gone on sale in the UK. So far the Apple Store and UK carrier, O2, have both added the new option to its listings and will sell it from today. The unsubsidized Apple price is £429, which represents only a £40 saving on the 16GB model.

O2 hasn't put a price to its pay-as-you-go models yet, so we don't have a clear indicator right now on just how much cheaper than the 16GB model this new version might be. On the Refresh tariffs you can walk away with one from between £0 and £409 up-front on a variety of different tariffs.

At the time of writing the 8GB iPhone 5c hasn't been added to the U.S. Apple Store, but we'll be keeping an eye open for details and pricing throughout the day. It has been added it seems to the Australian and Chinese Apple Store websites as well as other European stores as well. As such we'd expect to see something in the U.S. when business gets underway there.

There's maybe a case to be made for picking up the lowest cost iPhone, but with saving just £40 over the 16GB model the iPhone 5c 8GB is an even less enticing option. Had Apple priced it under £400 there may have been something of an argument for it, but our advice remains the same; spend a little extra and at least get the 16GB.

Source: O2, Apple UK

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