Apple launches Connect, the social network for music

With the arrival of Apple Music, Apple has launched Connect, a social network that seeks to allows artists and fans to interact in new ways. Musicians can post behind-the-scenes sneak peaks, videos, pictures, and more.

Artists on Apple Music should have profile pages, from which your can follow them on Connect. Those pages also contain discographies, a biography, as well as what they've shared on Connect. If you're not following the artist, you can tap the Follow button to begin doing so. In addition to seeing new pictures, videos, and lyrics from these artists, you can leave comments, and the musicians can respond.

But unlike Ping, Apple's first attempt at a musical social network, Connect isn't entirely walled off from the greater online social world. You can share the posts you see with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and more, bringing it to those that don't use or have not yet signed up for Apple Music.

For artists to get started on Connect, their music will need to be a part of Apple Music. Indie artists can either get in touch with their label, if they have one, or reach out to Apple directly to request a Connect profile.

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