iTunes pass

Following the initial launch in Japan, Apple has now begun to push its new iTunes Pass out to a more global audience. Initially we've been able to verify that the U.S. and the UK are now seeing it, but there are reports from all around the world such as Australia, Spain, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands that are also seeing iTunes Pass availability.

Now you can add money directly to your iTunes or App Store account with iTunes Pass. To get iTunes Pass, go to the iTunes Store on your iOS device, scroll down, and tap the Redeem button. Then go in to any Apple Retail Store and let a Specialist know you want to add credit to your account. Open iTunes Pass in Passbook, and have the Specialist scan it and accept your payment. Your balance will be updated and can be used immediately.

Adding funds via iTunes Pass is faster than buying a physical gift card, and should be a useful feature for those who are looking to quickly add funds to their App Store account. The service is available on the iPhone and iPod Touch and while the official Apple page hasn't yet been updated with a definitive list, it does note at this point that Brazil, Turkey and China won't be getting it.

Do you normally buy gift cards? If so, would you be interested in using iTunes Pass instead?

Source: Apple