Following a report a couple of weeks ago, Apple has indeed now relaunched the Applecare support website. It features big, bold buttons with products grouped together in an easy to understand manner, with a greater emphasis on ease of use. And, according to 9to5Mac 24/7 voice chat is also now enabled across the product range:

On the topic of live chat support, we’re told that 24/7 chat support has begun rolling out. Initially, the support was limited to certain hardware and software, but now Apple is supporting both Mac and iOS Device support at every hour of the day and night.

The focus on simplicity is really great, because there is nothing more frustrating than looking for support on an issue you're having, and being bogged down my messy, difficult to navigate support menus and forums. The addition of voice chat is a nice touch too, since sometimes, talking to someone really is the best option.

The new site is rolling out for most, though reports still suggest some are seeing the old Applecare portal. This would suggest a staged rollout, and should come to everyone in the coming days. What do you think of it? Are you more, or less, likely to use it now?

Source: 9to5Mac