Apple making gains in China even before China Mobile deal

Tim Cook has predicted that, eventually, China would become Apple's largest market. So far so good. According to a study by Counterpoint, which is referenced in this post by Marketwatch, Apple's share of the smartphone market in China rose to 12% in October. This is up from only 3% in September, which is an incredible increase.

Based on the pace of growth of iPhone sales in China Counterpoint said:

This might allow Apple to even reach the No. 1 smartphone player in December or January in China.

Obviously these are based on sales numbers per month, not the installed base. But sales have to happen first. They are the leading indicator. Keep in mind China Mobile sales haven't started yet. It looks like we're just waiting on the official launch of pre-orders of the iPhone 5 at China's largest mobile operator.

Do you think the iPhone 5s could become the most popular smartphone in China next year, and if growth continues, how do you think that will affect Apple's business?

Source: Marketwatch