Apple Maps adding data to make railroad crossings safer

Apple, Google, and other companies will be marking railroad crossings more clearly in their mapping apps. Following a fatal train collision almost two years ago, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has, as a part of the wrap upof of its investigation, asked a number of technology companies to bring clearly marked rail crossing to their apps using the board's data.

From The New York Times:

The Federal Railroad Administration has lobbied technology companies for 18 months to add alerts for grade crossings. The rail agency said it had contacted 11 technology companies, including Apple and Microsoft, to integrate its location data of grade crossings.

The companies have not specified when they will implement this data, but both Apple and Google said that they are working on adding these safety features.

The investigation by the NTSB follows a train crash on February 24, 2015, when a truck, which had ended up stuck on the tracks, was struck by a commuter train, killing the train's engineer and injuring 32 others. The driver of the truck was a mile away at the time, and says he was looking for help in getting his truck off the tracks.