Apple meeting with US FDA to discuss mobile health technologies

The next area Apple plans on revolutionizing is health. Following on their text book and education initiative, they're pushing deep into medical sensors, and looking to bring their unique brand of accessible mainstream problem solving to something that can really change lives. Given that, it should come as no surprise that Apple has been meeting with the United States Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to discuss mobile medical apps. Nick Bilton and Brian X. Chen, New York Times:

mong the participants from Apple were Jeff Williams, senior vice president of operations; Bud Tribble, vice president of software technology at Apple; Michael O’Reilly, who joined Apple last year; and an employee from Apple’s government affairs department.

On the F.D.A. side of the table were Jeff Shuren, the director of the agency’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, and Bakul Patel, who drafted the F.D.A.’s mobile medical app guidance and is a staunch advocate for patient safety when it comes to apps and medical gadgets.

Look at the phone you have today, then imagine an iPhone 6 or iWatch you might have tomorrow, and let me know — can you imagine something that ties both together and lets you track both your fitness and health as easily in the future as you do your entertainment and business today?