Apple met with Tesla's Elon Musk, working on heart-attack detection

Apple's head of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), Adrian Perica, along with CEO Tim Cook, reportedly met with Tesla's Elon Musk back in the spring of 2013. Also, Apple's Tomlinson Holman, formerly of THX, has reportedly been looking at ways to detect heart attacks. Both bits of news come by way of Thomas Lee and David R. Baker at SFGate:

Musk met with Perica and probably Cook at Apple headquarters, said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect business relationships. While a megadeal has yet to emerge (for all of its cash, Apple still plays hardball on valuation), such a high-level meeting between the two Silicon Valley giants involving their top dealmakers suggests Apple was very much interested in buying the electric car pioneer.

No it really doesn't. But:

[Under] Holman, Apple is exploring ways to measure noise "turbulence" as it applies to blood flow. The company wants to develop software and sensors that can predict heart attacks by identifying the sound blood makes as it tries to move through an artery clogged with plaque, the source said.

Health and fitness certainly seems like an area Apple's focusing on, for the rumored iWatch, iPhone 6, and the iOS 8 and HealthBook app that'll tie is all together.

As to the article as a whole, sadly, Lee and Baker seem most interested in parroting the "Apple's desperate for a next hit" nonsense that permeates the media and the markets these days than looking at the information in the light of how Apple actually approaches their business — making better products that enrich the overall value of their ecosystem and make their customers lives better so Apple can make more money.

Instead of wondering what will make the impossible-to-make-happy Wall Street happy, wonder how all of this could apply to that.

Source: SFGate