Apple vs. Motorola thrown out of court

U.S. federal court judge Richard Posner followed up his earlier, tentative dismissal of the Apple vs. Motorola patent suit with a full on "get off my lawn" dismissal of the entire case. Chris Ziegler of The Verge reports:

For Motorola, Posner's ruling is huge: it had been hanging on by a thread with just one patent remaining in the fight — a standards-essential patent for GSM that Apple claimed wasn't actually used in practice — and a full ruling in Apple's favor could've put the newly-minted Google subsidiary in the precarious position of facing a portfolio-wide product ban until it could design around Apple's claims. In the end, Posner seemed frustrated at Apple's inability to offer hard numbers: "Both parties have deep pockets," he says in his 38-page decision. "And neither has acknowledged that damages for the infringement of its patents could not be estimated with tolerable certainty."

The case, in courts since 2010, saw claims on both sides hacked away over time. Motorola issued a statement saying they're pleased, and will continue to defend themselves against Apple's violation of their patents. Apple, for their part, had no comment but will likely appeal.

The more things change, the more they stay the same...

Motorola is notably different from other Android licensees now that it's owned by Google, but Apple vs. Motorola will still play out globally, as will Apple vs. Samsung and Apple vs. HTC.

Rightly or wrongly, Apple's late co-founder, Steve Jobs believed Google betrayed Apple, stole core concepts from the iPhone, and gave them away to everyone. Current Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has less passionately but just as assuredly said Apple can't be the developer for the world, and competitors need to come up with their own inventions and not just duplicate Apple's.

Since all the companies involved have billions in the bank, none of this will be truly over for a good, long time.

You can check out the specific documents for this case via the link below.

Source: The Verge