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Apple is supposedly looking into developing a way for multiple users to access one iPad with separate accounts and home screens. In response to an emailed suggestion for the feature to be added,  Apple said that it was a known issue being investigated by engineering.

"After further investigation it has been determined that this is a known issue, which is currently being investigated by engineering," the official response from Apple Developer Connection's Worldwide Developer Relations team reads.

This is a reasonably generic response and could be just a standard emailed reply sent by Apple for suggestions and bug fixes. The developer does claim that many other filed bugs have never received such a response so maybe there is hope.

Sharing the iPad with other family members is common practice but the ability to give them separate accounts makes a lot of sense. Each family member could have their own login screen, home screen and favourite apps all password protected so other family members could not delete or change anything. Only problem with this solution would be the additional storage space required for multiple users. Of course if you plan on using your iPad this way, you could always just buy the 64GB.

Both Apple's OS X for Mac and Microsoft Windows, as well as various Unix, Linux, and other computer systems, have provided multiple user logins for decades. So far, Apple has avoided that with iOS. Instead of multiple user logins for each member of a family, they seem to prefer multiple user devices, where each member of the family has their own iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

That doesn't address other common situations, however, such as handing an iPad to a friend or guest, and providing a way for them to use it for web browsing or gaming without giving them access to all your other personal information.

So, while the response from Apple above may well be boiler plate, it does serve to bring some much needed attention to the issue.

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Source: Apple Insider