A new report sheds some light on the supposed changes coming to Apple Music later this year. Apple is said to be planning an overhaul of many of the user interface elements throughout the Music app, including a switch to a simpler black and white look, moving away from the color and translucence of the current app. Album art will also be a bigger part of the interface when music is playing.

Apple Music revamp said to include new interface, new 'Browse' section, and more

According to 9to5Mac, the For You section in Apple Music is receiving particular attention:

While the entire Apple Music service will be redesigned, much of the emphasis is on the "For You" feature, the tab that recommends songs, albums, artists, and music videos. This section will be simplified and better promoted to increase usage of the feature. While the interface will change, the functionality will use algorithms similar to today's Apple Music recommendations engine, according to sources.

The New tab will also reportedly be discontinued, in favor of a Browse tab. Browse is said to feature similar content to New, but with much better organization. Apple is reportedly working with record labels on wide-ranging support for song lyrics in the next iteration of Music as well.

It's currently thought that the new version of Apple Music will get its first public showing at WWDC 2016, for a launch this fall with iOS 10.

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