I've found a lot of exciting new music during my lengthy Beats 1 listening sprees, but I can't tell you what half of those tracks were. That's because Apple's radio station often plays unreleased or pre-release tracks on its DJ shows, and those tracks (by virtue of, y'know, not being released) aren't available in the on-demand Apple Music catalog.

As such, the only thing I can do with those tracks if I want to remember them is create an Apple Music radio station based on them. There's no button to save for later, or let me know when the song is getting released. And that's a shame.

There are so many good tracks I've never heard on Beats 1, Apple. New bands I want to keep track of. And yet, there's no way to make note of these songs right now unless I take a screenshot of my Now Playing screen.

Instead, here's a modest proposal: Utilize the wishlist feature from iTunes and add a "Add to My Music when available" button. This Apple Music wishlist would save a list of tracks you want to download in the future, but may not be available now. And when tracks do get added to the service, you could get notified with a banner. "Swords by MIA is now available on Apple Music!"

What do you folks think? Is this a feature you'd make use of?

And for any Apple engineers who might happen to be reading this post, I've filed this on Apple Bug Report as rdar://22052359.