Apple not involved in decision to sue Google, says Rockstar CEO

It appears that Apple may not have had much to do with Rockstar's decision to sue Google over patents relating to search. Many expressed disappointment in the companies bankrolling Rockstar, which include Apple, Microsoft, and BlackBerry, that they would use their patents in this manner. However, it seems that Rockstar's decision to sue Google was made without consulting any of the consortium's shareholders. This is according to Rockstar CEO John Veschi in an interview with Intellectual Asset Management:

This is categorically not the case, Veschi says. “It was entirely my call based on the facts in front of me,” he states. “The shareholders got an email telling them what had happened after the suits were issued.”

Veschi maintains that the relationship between Rockstar and its shareholders is a distant one, and that they exert no influence over who Rockstar goes after. Veschi goal is to make sure that companies using patents contained in the Norvell and Nortel portfolios pay for what they're using.

While the action may not have been undertaken at their behest, it will be to the benefit of the shareholders. It doesn't really matter if Apple or Microsoft directed Rockstar to go after Google and Android or not. The result will be the same. Apple and Microsoft stand to make gains if Google's search is harmed in any way by these lawsuits.

Do you believe Veschi's statement that Rockstar's shareholders have nothing to do with the suits, and does it matter, anyway? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Intellectual Asset Management