Apple offers sneak peek of new Mac Pro, made in the USA

"Can't innovate any more, my ass," was Phil Schiller's comment after introducing the new Mac Pro on a video at the WWDC keynote stage.

The Mac Pro has been completely reinvented - taking up one-eighth the volume of its milled aluminum predecessor, inside a tiny black cylinder. The new machine, due out later this year, features new Intel Xeon hardware with up to 12-core configurations. It utilizes a "central thermal core" and ECC memory that's twice as fast as before. It eschews internal hard disk drives for SSD that use PCIe - the fastest SSD drives Apple has ever put in a Mac and ten times faster than any Mac Pro hard drive.

The Mac Pro will also support Thunderbolt 2 - it includes six Thunderbolt 2 ports, USB 3.0, two Gigabit Ethernet ports and HDMI out as well. In fact, all expansion is external - no more PCIe slots for internal expansion. What's more, it uses dual AMD FirePro GPUs capable of driving up to three 4K monitors at a time.

Last year Tim Cook said that Apple would assemble a new Mac in the USA, and it looks like the Mac Pro is the one. Apple announced the new Mac Pro will be built here.

Phil Schiller says that WWDC attendees will get another sneak peek of the new Mac Pro at a special session tomorrow, where Pixar animators are expected to show off how the machine is helping them create new movie animations.