Apple is set to expand its "mini-stores" into India soon, partnering with electronics retailer Croma to do so. Essentially setting up a small Apple Retail Store within another comapny's retail location, these areas can already be found in the stores of electronics retailers in other countires, including Best Buy in the United States. Apple will be bringing these "mini-stores" to five Croma locations.

From The Financial Express:

Apple will be set up at five Croma stores in Mumbai, including Malad, Juhu, Oberoi Mall, Phoenix Mall and Ghatkopar. In Bengaluru, this will be at Croma in Jayanagar. The opening is scheduled till Diwali next month.

Croma stores have long had a section for showcasing MacBooks and iPhones. This new arrangement is an extension of that existing agreement.

These Apple locations inside existing stores serve as a way to showcase Apple's products outside of its own retail environment that still gives the company some control over how its products are presented. Like existing installations, the Croma locations will feature wooden display tables similar to those found in Apple Stores.

This news comes as Apple prepares for the launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in India, which will take place on Friday, October 16.

Source: The Financial Express