UPDATE: There was a minor uproar in the iPhone developer community (yup, again!) when some felt that this patent "ripped off" Intelliscreen. Ars Technica points out, however, that this patent was originally filed before the iPhone was even jailbroken, and hence before Intelliscreen came out.


We have YAAPA! (Yet Another Apple Patent Application!) This one, brought to us by Apple Insider, outlines Global Preferences Dialogs and Improved Notification of Missed Communications, or what is essentially a Today Screen for the iPhone:

"In response to detecting an interaction by a user with the device, the plurality of icons display notification information for the plurality of communication modalities," the filing explains. "In response to detecting an unlock interaction by the user with the device, the device is unlocked, and a communication in the plurality of communications is presented that was received while the device was in the locked state, or information about the communication is presented."

Of course, Windows Mobile has had this for years, and it's pretty much the only thing I really still miss about that platform (don't tell Dieter!). Likewise, iPhone Jailbreakers, have been enjoying this for a while now via Intelliscreen.

For the rest of us, all this same information, has been kept each piece in its own separate little world divided by countless taps and swipes. So the idea of an information rich, at-a-glance summation of my most recent communications and upcoming activities? Now please.