Apple Pay coming to Amex in Singapore

American Express has just announced that it's bringing Apple Pay to cardholders in Singapore. Apple told iMore:

Starting today, Apple Pay is available for eligible American Express issued credit cards in Singapore," Jennifer Bailey, VP of Apple Pay, told iMore. "So customers can now pay in an easy, secure and more private way. We're also thrilled to share that credit and debit cards from Singapore's most popular banks, including DBS, UOB and Standard Chartered will work with Apple Pay in the coming months — so even more people can experience the best way to pay from their iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad.

This follows the original release in the U.S.A, and the expansion to the U.K., Canada, Australia, and China with Hong Kong and Spain expected to come online next.

When Apple Pay launched in China, 3 million cards were added in just 72 hours. ChinaUnion and 19 banks — representing 80% of credit and debit use in China. Apple Pay is now available everywhere there's a Quickpass logo. That includes Pacific Coffee, KFC, MacDonald's, Mannings, and more.

All together, Apple Pay now carries billions of dollars in transactions. That includes over 2 million U.S. locations, and 5 million contactless-ready locations in other Apple Pay countries. Starbucks is also starting its Apple Pay rollout, which will reach 7,500 company-owned stores by end of the year.

I've been using it in the U.S. and Canada whenever and wherever possible, and every time it's delightful for me and for the cashier at the retail outlet.

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