The hotel will allow its customers to pay their bill at their front desk via Apple Pay, along with bills in its restaurants and bars, paying for items in some of its stores and more. However, there's no support yet for using Apple Pay to gamble in the hotel's casino. That means you won't be able to use it to fill up the slot machine or make a bet at the roulette table. VegasChatter states:

Cosmopolitan chief marketing officer, Lisa Marchese, states that "the arrival of Apple Pay on the Las Vegas Strip is a natural fit, offering increasingly mobile-centric, luxury travelers a streamlined and convenient experience. As always, we are thrilled to lead the market with a new component to a Las Vegas experience that makes everything a bit faster and a great deal easier."

It's likely that more Las Vegas hotels and resorts will add Apple Pay support in the near future, but who knows if it will be used for gambling in the future.

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Source: VegasChatter