Apple Play on iPhone 6

Chase is debuting their first commercial featuring Apple Pay. The ad stars indie band Bleachers, and features the group going through the day before a show, doing things like getting a haircut, eating a meal, and more, and paying for all of it with their Chase cards through Apple Pay. Apple had final say over the content of the ad, though Chase said that Apple was easy to work with.

From Ad Age:

While Apple marketing head Phil Schiller retained final say on Chase's Apple Pay creative, Ms. Canavari called the company easy to work with. "We spent half day with them in Cupertino and they're storytellers," she said. "So are we." As guidance, the technology company took Chase through its history of marketing efforts with various partners. Apple's only actual mandate, according to Ms. Canavari, was to ensure that Apple Pay was used in realistic situations.

The 30-second version of the ad is expected to start airing in prime time on most of the major broadcast networks as well as ESPN.

Source: Ad Age