Apple plans expansion of artificial intelligence efforts in Seattle

Apple is planning an expansion of its Seattle operations, which primarily center on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company is in the process of moving the engineering team from Turi, the AI-focused startup that the company acquired last year, into the Two Union Square skyscraper. Apple currently leases two floors of the building, and will lease more to accommodate its Seattle expansion.

Carlos Guestrin, Turi founder and current Apple director of machine learning, told GeekWire:

"We're trying to find the best people who are excited about AI and machine learning — excited about research and thinking long term but also bringing those ideas into products that impact and delight our customers," said computer scientist Carlos Guestrin, Apple director of machine learning. "The bar is high, but we're going to be hiring as quickly as we can find people that meet our high bar, which is exciting."

Guestrin, of course, didn't say much about Apple's artificial intelligence plans, saying only that AI is going to be a central component of helping your devices anticipate your needs. He also said that while the Turi team is doing a lot of long-term research, the group's is also working on some near-term projects.