Apple News

Apple plans to introduce sponsored posts that will appear in the feed alongside articles in the Apple News app. A new format has been shared online that shows how the company will integrate the sponsored content with actual news listings. These new links can act as redirects to specific articles within the app and will be present to owners of either an iPhone or iPad.

According to Business Insider's report:

"Currently, publishers can upload sponsored content to Apple News, but they must flag those stories as native content in metadata, or publishers could find their Apple News access suspended. The new ad format would clearly label branded content in the app, as well as give publishers a new way to sell and promote sponsored posts, although it would come at a cost: Apple keeps 30% of the revenue it produces through iAd, a mobile-advertising platform."

Apple News

It has also been reported that Apple plans to offer publishers the ability to lock content provided in the app behind a subscription wall. While the sponsored listings will appear as normal news entries to avoid looking out of place, it appears Apple will ensure that all adverts are marked as such to better inform users.

How do you feel about the possibility for sponsored content in the News app?