Apple says it will offer an official Xcode download source for app developers in China to access in the near future. The news comes after China's iOS App Store removed a number of apps that were infected with malware from counterfiet Xcode sources.

Part of the reason why developers in China accessed the infected Xcode was because it takes too long to download the software from Apple's official US sites. Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of worldwide marketing, admitted this was the case to the Chinese site Sina:

"In the US it only needs 25 minutes to download," Schiller told Sina, admitting that in China getting Xcode "may take three times as long." He told the Chinese publication that, to quell this problem, Apple would be providing an official source for developers in the People's Republic to download Xcode domestically.

There's no specific time table yet for when Apple will offer a local Xcode download source in China.

Source: Sina; Via: CNET