Apple has finally deviated from the instructional ads, instead moving to a man-on-the-street system of advertising. The three ads are well-done, :

  • Doug in "Mankind", on the miracle of visual voice mail
  • Elliot in "Meredith", on using MobileSafari to remember important things like your Boss's wife's name moments before you make some gaffe.
  • Stephano in "One Thing", on the trend of convergence, where he replaced his iPod, a camera, a regular phone, and a text-messaging and email phone, with an iPhone.

It's a good set of commercials, and it would appear that the folks that are doing these New York ads are actual New-Yorkers and not paid actors, in what is perhaps a nod to some of the earlier Mac commercial ad blitz of "Switchers". The music track from Orba Squara has also been replaced.