Apple products will reportedly undergo security inspection by Chinese officials

Apple will reportedly allow the Chinese government to conduct security inspections of the products the company sells in China. The inspections would be a way to curb worries that other governments are using Apple products for surveillance against China. The vast majority of Apple's products (with the exception of the Mac Pro) are manufactured in China.

Apple CEO Tim Cook apparently agreed to inspections while meeting with Lu Wei, head of China's internet regulator, back in December. Lu Wei apparently told Cook that Apple would need to do more to ensure the security of Chinese citizens, according to the Bejing News [translated from Chinese]:

According to the responsible person who participated in the talks, said the State Council Informatization Office network, the talks focused on the two sides of the security of Apple products in China. Lu Wei said that China has become one of Apple's largest market, China is also willing to open to Apple and other technology giants, but the premise is iPhone, iPad and Mac products must ensure information security and privacy of users, while maintaining national security.

Cook reportedly gave assurances that Apple's products to not give data to third parties, including governments.

Source: Bejing News, via IT World